a)  Asset Management

  • Providing GRAP/IFRS compliant fixed asset registers
  • Performing assets verifications
  • Performing condition assessments
  • Striving to improve co-ordination across the departments in municipalities and the office of the CFO to break down the silo effect and improve asset management
  • Assisting with answering of audit queries in relation to assets
  • Advising on asset optimisation and alignment to service delivery requirements
  • Providing training in asset management and related concepts
  • Developing and advising on assets management procedures and processes

b)  Development, enhancement, implementation and monitoring of budget related policies, procedures & by laws.

  • Provide support in performing desktop debtor data cleansing for accurate billing

c)  Internal audit charter and Risk management plan:-

  • Check the functionality of Risk Management, Internal Audit and Audit Committee
  • Review the Internal Audit Charter
  • Review Internal Audit Plan
  • Review Risk Management Plan

d)  Advise municipalities with compilation of budgets

  • GRAP compliant budget  Linking of budget to IDP’s
  • Cash Flow management and expenditure projections
  • Confirm adequacy of Bank Reconciliations
  • Confirm adequacy of Debtors Reconciliations
  • Confirm adequacy of Creditors Reconciliations
  • Perform Supporting Documents Reconciliations (Strong Room vs GL)
  • Compile GRAP Annual Financial Statements
  • Compile Audit File for GRAP AFS
  • Reconcile new assets additions on Fixed Assets Register to General Ledger
  • Assist in developing GRAP compliant Fixed Assets Registers
  • Management of Grants Management Registers
  • Assist municipalities with bonus and leave provision calculations as per GRAP 19
  • Provide assistance in interpreting and Implementation of GRAP Standards
  • Capacity building and skills transfer across all financial areas
  • Multi-disciplinary team of professional individuals
  • Technically knowledgeable team backed up by many years of experience
  • Lean organizational structure ensures quick turn-around times
  • Registered with all relevant professional bodies  –  SAICA, IRBA,  IIA  –  access to a wealth of knowledge and assurance of the quality of work done by SHUMBA INC.
  • BBBEE compliant
  • High quality deliverables
  • Big firm starting small

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